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Rebel vs Rebel

Posted on August 31, 2011 in Explicit Model Hardcore Model

This showdown is two rebel girls which is hotter and more of a rebel?  Dawn Avril or Ariel Rebel?

Dawn Avril is a real alternative chick with multiple peircings, ever changing hair colors and a dirty sex filled mind.  She shoots with Phil-Flash a notoriously dirty photographer and he takes it to the limit even fucking and degrading Dawn Avril.  Dawn is very involved in her website and it gets updated all the time with new kinky material as she explores her sexuality.  She recently got fake tits installed so if you like big fake boobs on a petite frame then Dawn might be your vote.  Her natural hair color is dark but she dyes and highlights it regularly keeping you interested.  She goes from simple nude to dirty hardcore sex with phil and lesbian sex with other hot models too.  Here I found a picture of her squatting with her legs spread and panties pulled tight over her pussy with her shirt pulled up and her nipples poking out.  I think this is before her fake tits so you get to see her natural smaller boobies.  She usually wears kinky alt/goth type clothes like this too.  In the next shot you see Dawn Avril with her mouth open getting a nice cumshot down her throat, I bet a blowjob from this slut would be great!

Ariel Rebel is a Canadian cutie with a rebellious streak that involves her eyebrow peircing and possibly other peircings…  Ariel is a petite teen with a sly smile that makes you know she has dirty thoughts too.  Her dark brunette hair is usually styled sometimes in emo style.  She has natural small perky tits and a very pretty pussy that she will flash for you.  This hottie is not just a pretty face as she runs her own website, does design work and fashion too.  Here I selected a pic of her pulling her shirt aside to expose one of her suckable titties and her face says that’s exactly what she was thinking too!  The other picture she is pulling her pantyhose down exposing her pussy slit and spreading it so you can glimpse her clitoris too.  She is a bit more of a vanila rebel, one you could probably take home to mom!

If you want hardcore and alt style then Dawn Avril wins this showdown but if you want a cute rebel that might be a freak in the sheets then Ariel Rebel is the clear winner.  This depends on how much of a rebel you can handle but both websites are regular updated and filled with great content so I would check them both out!

Beautiful babe model

Posted on March 19, 2011 in Explicit Model

Cali Logan dressed in a sexy classy long red dress looking like she is ready to win the model showdown for classiest model online.  This busty brunette babe has been online since she was a teen model and now has blossomed into more of a babe model with an amazing face and the nicests boobs you could hope for, perky and  big.  She gets naughty with girlfriends and is fully nude on her site

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Lola in latex corset

Posted on December 15, 2009 in Topless Teen Model

Lola is a kinky thin teen girl with a love for shiny outfits that show off her ASSets.  Here she is in a sexy pink latex corset that end right above her nice ass which is encased in pink pantyhose fishnets.  She looks like a sexy stripper hooker that you know you can’t afford!

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