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Redhead showdown Bree vs Lara

Posted on September 3, 2011 in Hardcore Model Non Nude Teen Model

This showdown is bound to get hot with two fiery redheads Bree Roxx vs Little Lara, which is pale with red hair?

Bree Roxx is a classy looking redhead with long red hair that is a bit darker.  She has a cute smattering of freckles on her face and nose but they aren’t very obvious especially with certain lighting and her skin isn’t the typical pasty pale of a redhead.  Bree is also very petite and taller so if you like a classy chick with long legs and small breasts Bree Roxx could be your fantasy girl.  She doesn’t allow nudity outside of her website so the sample images I found for you are not nude however you get a good idea of how hot this redhead is anyways.  The first picture she is actually naked but covering her breasts with her arm and her pussy is concealed by crumpled panties, still this shows how skinny and tight her body is.  The second pic shows Bree Roxx shooting pool in just her black bra and panties in some high heels which is typical of her shoots starting out classy and ending naked.  This pic also shows her long slim body and her longish red hair. 

Little Lara on the other hand has bright red hair (it might be a dye job) and really pale skin that looks more typical of a redhead hottie.  Lara also has the skinny slim body of a teen with small natural perky tits.  However if you like freckles Lara will disappoint as her skin is very clear and white.  Unlike Bree Roxx Little Lara is a real slut and you see that all over her website from hardcore sex to lesbian makeout scenes Lara likes to explore her redhead sexuality.  Lara also acts more like a teeniebooper rather than the classy lady that Bree Roxx portrays.  For instance the first sample pic I found shows little Lara kissing another redhead girl outdoors!  They are both fully nude with their fingers groping and probing each others shaved pussy slits while their tongues slide around in their mouths.  The second shot shows Little Laras body more fully for you to examine from her smiling braces and long red hair in braids to the tiny tits and slim tummy.  Sorry I didn’t get a full shot of her pussy but don’t worry her site has her completely exposed and even taking cocks in her tight cunt! 

This redhead showdown is a tough one because you don’t want to make a redhead mad, they are crazy!  However it should be easy to pick between these two hotties.  If you like a classier redhead with freckles and no hardcore then Bree Roxx will satisfy you.  However if you want a teenie redhead that fucks, sucks and eats pussy then you probably want Little Lara though remember she might not be a natural redhead she sure does act like a sex starved red hair slut!

Blonde lesbian teenies

Posted on July 5, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Lil Lexy is a skinny blonde teenie that is bi-sexual, lucky for us she has her girlfriend over who is also a skinny blonde teen and they are having a sleepover!  With both their hair in braided pigtails they could almost be twins.  Watch as Lexy gets her boobies sucked and pussy licked and fingered by her sexy skinny teen girlfriend as these two lesbian teens enjoy their nude bodies!

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Sabrina and girlfriends

Posted on January 14, 2010 in Hardcore Model

Sabrina Blond is still a teen that just likes to have fun.  Here she invited over two of her favorite (and sexy) teen girlfriends for a day of fun playing in the pool.  The girls laugh and tease until they strip fully nude and go skinny dipping in the pool getting their tight nubile teen bodies wet and ready for some sexual fun too. 

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Amy Days with girlfriends

Posted on January 13, 2010 in Nude teen model

Amy Days has two of her favorite teen girlfriends over for some fun.  Turns out her friends are lesbians and they just want to get cute Amy nude so they can enjoy her young body!  Watch as these three teen girls strip nude except for their colorful stripped socks.  See Amy giggle with embarrasement as the other girls caress her nude teen body.

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Little Caprice and Lesbian Girlfriend

Posted on January 3, 2010 in Hardcore Model

Little Caprice exploring her lesbian side with her teen girlfriend find an inflatable sex doll and take it into the bathroom with them.  They play and fondle in the bath as they carress their nude teen female bodies…

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Two skinny teen lovers

Posted on July 10, 2009 in Non Nude Teen Model

Brittany Avalon and her skinny female friend are teasing you in these shots.  Brittany might look like a lesbian with her short hair and here she is groping another girl, guess you have to ask her yourself to be sure!

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