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Big boobs Bryci vs Janessa Brazil

Posted on September 2, 2011 in Explicit Model Nude teen model

Bryci vs Janessa Brazil is a big boob showdown for the ages!  Both babes have breast implants so if you don’t like fake boobs and prefer naturals I suggest Pattycake vs Tegan Brady otherwise lets get comparing these two big titty beauties!

Bryci is a big boob black hair babe that keeps her nudity under wraps only showing topless outside her personal website so if you want to see her naked pussy you have to visit her site.  Other than that this babe got big fake tits a few years ago and set about showing them off like crazy.  Bryci site is pretty tasteful and artistic with lots of nice outdoor shoots and classy outfits.  She does experiment a big with lesbian fantasies and kinky costumes but mostly you realize she is a classy babe despite her big fake tits she is a hottie you can take home to mom.  Her site has HD pics and vids and she does regular live webcam chats with her members which keeps it interesting.  She recently cut her hair short but before it was pretty long and dark black. The first shot shows Bryci pulling down an evening gown dress to expose her big fake boobies as she smiles for the camera in a tasteful pic.  The second shot Bryci still looks like a cover model but she is in a hottub with her red bikini pulled to the side again showing off her nice tits and her legs are spread but her pussy is underwater so you don’t get a peek unless you visit her site where she does get fully nude!

Janessa Brazil is a typical big tit busty Brazilian babe that will tease and please your fantasies. Janessa really loves modeling and so she got big fake boobies to enhance her carreer and I can say it has been a good move as the titties offset her big Brazilian ass!  Janessa is a bit more of a slut than Bryci, for instance she loves girls and has many more lesbian scenes including full on strapon sex with other famous porn girls.  Janessa travels quite a bit so her shoots are usually in unique locations and with kinky or sexy outfits.  Janessa Brazils site is also filled with HD content including pics and vids as well as MANY live webcam chats and even candid selfshots.  The first sample of Janessa Brazil shows her flashing her big fake boobs in pigtails and white panties.  It is a good example of her playful attitude and her physically fit tan body.  The second picture shows Janessa Brazil with a blonde babe exploring her pussy in a good example of her lesbian content which gets much more hardcore.

This is a tough showdown with both babes having dark hair and big fake tits with great smiles.  If you want a bit of a classy model and prefer whiter skin then Bryci is probably the choose for you.  However if you want more kinky content, darker skin or a big Brazilian butt then Janessa Brazil might be more your sexual style.  Both girls have great sites with interaction with members and creative control so that is a tie in my opinion.  It really comes down to style and I think most guys would prefer a little more hardcore and kink in their porn so I’ll vote Janessa Brazil winner with Bryci a high quality babe second.

Busty girl cleaning nude

Posted on August 26, 2011 in Nude teen model

Big boob model Bryci gets paid more if she cleans the house while she is nude so here she is stripping nude showing her busty tits while she scrubs the floors and then strips nude for an extra tip.

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Thai schoolgirl in suitcase

Posted on July 31, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Tiny asian teen model Thainee is dressed in her schoolgirl uniform and hiding in a suitcase, I guess she doesn’t want to go to school but if she keeps hiding I think she will get her tiny ass spanked…  This Thai teen girl is so small she fits right inside the luggage, good thing she is wearing a short skirt to let her bend her body!

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Two asian girls suck dick

Posted on July 23, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Dirty Pancake the Thai teen model really lives up to her name of being dirty.  Here she has invited over one of her asian girlfriends to help her suck this white cock dry of all its cum.  Dirty dirty Thai girls!

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Lesbian teen threesome

Posted on July 17, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Janessa Brazil is a fun chick to party with and here she invited two of her favorite female models over for a sleepover.  For some reason they decided to all wear colorful stocking caps on their heads making for a very interesting lesbian threesome! 

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Babe working out

Posted on July 15, 2011 in Explicit Model

Busty Brazilian babe Janessa Brazil keeps in great shape by working out daily and following a strict fitness routine.  Of course she always looks sexy so here are some shots of her getting her sweat on!  Clad in a white sports bra, tight red booty shorts, and white socks Janessa shows you how a porn star keeps her body tight. 

See how she cools down after her workout by pouring ice water on her big boobies!


Bathroom spying on Bryci

Posted on June 21, 2011 in Nude teen model

Big boob teen model Bryci is in the bathroom and we’ve got our camera spying on her!  Nothing is hotter than watching a beautiful girl examine her body in the bathroom mirror when she thinks nobody is around, but we got our voyeur cam in perfect position to enjoy the view!  Watch as she rubs cream on her tits and then see how surprised she is when she finally notices us spying on her nude body!

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Two busty lesbians

Posted on June 17, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Janessa Brazil is a big boob babe model that loves to show off her body and sometimes she invites her friends to get naked with her too!  Of course when two girls are nude together that usually means they have to examine each others bodies and maybe kiss a bit.  That leads to fondling of boobs and licking of tits which leads to fingering pussies and eventually full on lesbian sex with dildos and toys!  Of course that’s just what I think happens when two girls are alone together…

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Asha Kumara

Posted on June 15, 2011 in Nude teen model

Indian teen model Asha Kumara is a dark skinned beauty from India!  Lucky for us she rebelled against her traditional family and now shoots nudie pictures and videos for the internet.


Busty girl doing laundry

Posted on May 18, 2011 in Nude teen model

Big boob model Bryci enjoys doing her laundry because after the clothes are loaded she sits on top of the machine and gets orgasms from the vibrations!!  Now you know why most women don’t mind doing laundry, those damn spinning machines give off lots of vibrations and they hit the g-spot on the smart women that know to ride them to orgasms.  I really enjoy a women in sports bra and while they hide her big boobs she pulls the bra down while she works for your enjoyment

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Thainee fingering

Posted on May 14, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Tiny Thai asian teen model Thainee fingering her pussy in these video screencaps I found.  Even though they are screen grabs from a video the vid was HD so these images are pretty good too and you can see she was enjoying the action.  Thainee’s tight asian body looks so fuckable but I’m afraid I would break her in half, good thing she is practicing with her finger in her tight twat to loosen up!

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Small asian ass

Posted on April 20, 2011 in Hardcore Model

This tiny Thai teen girl is having fun modeling her small black thong panties for the camera.  That tight little ass of hers just looks so awesome I want to grab her and slam her on my cock so fucking bad…  I bet you could split her right in half her body is so tight and small, yet her boobs are perky and perfectly proportioned for that petite body!

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Big boobs and black hair

Posted on April 8, 2011 in Nude teen model

Nude model Bryci has big boobs that she shows off alot.  In these free images I found she starts out in some sexy sheer lingerie in her bed and strips nude exposing her breasts.  I love her long black hair, it is an interesting style that makes her unique (so do her boobs).  The shot of her on her hands and knees doggystyle gives you all you need for a good imaginary doggy fuck on her clean white bed.  Man I’d love to shoot a load all over her big tits!

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Busty girl strips

Posted on April 2, 2011 in Nude teen model

Big boob teen babe model Bryci stripping nude for us in these free images I found.  She’s wearing some sexy lingerie including black nylons, black busty bra, and a black mesh thong panty that looks damn hot.  Watching this black hair beauty slowly strip off her underwear is a real treat so enjoy it you pervs!

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Thai teen girl

Posted on March 11, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Half Thai and half english model Dirty Pancake is 100% sexy!  Her body is so damn tight as you can see in these free shots with her just wearing a bra and panties (and then nude).  Seeing her pussy up close as she slides her panties aside for your inspection gets me pretty excited and seeing how much fun she is having stripping nude and laughing lets you know she is a real girl and not some fake bitch model.

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Busty gamer chick

Posted on March 7, 2011 in Nude teen model

Bryci is a big boob black hair babe and apparently she loves video games too!  This is my type of geeky gamer girl, busty and playing games nude 😉  Bryci has some huge boobs that she loves to show off and I of course love when she does.  The rest of her body ain’t too bad either, nice round ass, tight tummy, sexy face… yep she could be my sexual fantasy.  I wonder if she is any good at that wii?

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Asian whore fucked

Posted on February 9, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Pancake is a real dirty asian teen whore that loves cock.  Check out these free shots I found of her in some dirty lingerie waiting for some big white cock to penetrate her tight asian vagina.  Watching her videos is even better because she speaks with an english accent so it sounds really dirty and slutty when she is getting pounded by a cock!

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Nude in pigtails

Posted on January 28, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Nikki Price posing nude in pigtails outdoors!  This is a hot new amateur hardcore teen model with her own personal site and a love for sex.  Nikki has a tight teen body with small boobs and a super tight pussy that seems to attract big dicks…  These free pics I found of Nikki show how cute and innocent she can be (even nude) with her long black hair in pigtails and sexy white socks you’d never suspect she is a sex hungry slut!

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Dirty Pancake fucked

Posted on January 20, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Dirty Pancake is half Thai and half English and 100% dirty!  This asian teen loves cock and will do anything for sex.  Here she grabs a guy off the street, whips his cock out and lets him fuck her doggystyle.  Pancake loves a random fuck and her site is filled with dirty hardcore porn featuring her.  I especially enjoy her videos where you can hear her english accent while looking at her Thai (asian) features, it’s really sexy!

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Dawn Avril sucks banana

Posted on September 19, 2010 in Explicit Model

Dawn Avril showing off her oral skills as she peels a banana and sucks it like a cock in these simulated blowjob pics.  Dawn is a really sexy kinky alt type girl but these shots are from when she was younger and more innocent looking, even then though she could suck a mean banana!  Her pink lips wrap around the white shaft and slide up and down… then she bites it off and swallows the white load!  wow that sounds dirty!

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