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Angie vs Diddylicious

Posted on September 1, 2011 in Nude teen model

Tiny ass vs little butt showdown here with Super Cutie Angie vs Diddylicious showing off their rear ends!  If you like petite girls with tiny asses you can cup in the palm of your hand then both of these girls are winners for you!  Super Cutie Angie is a skinny blonde nude teen model and Diddylicious is a freckled tiny brunette tease.

Super Cutie Angie is featuredon  Total Super Cuties so there are tons of other girls to enjoy but don’t worry there is enough of Angie to keep you occupied all by herself.  This sexy blonde teen gets fully nude and spreads her legs to show you her secret place.  I fell in love with her tight little teen ass as she bends over outdoors and the sunlight lights up her backside you will too.  I chose one shot that shows her on all fours in the sand at the beach completely nude with her butt facing the camera exposing her most intimate crack and holes.  Her brown poopshoot looks tasty and that tiny ass is probably wiggling in the cool ocean wind!  The second shot shows her bending over completely wearing neon yellow panties that encase her tushy as you see her face and small tits upside down.  Her legs aren’t very long but they are thin and probably feel great wrapped around you…

Diddylicious has had a website for years now and it is full of quality pictures and videos of this tiny teen girl and her cute ass.  She did get fake boobs recently so her most recent content she is busty but before that she had the cutest tiny titties that she would keep hidden most of the time.  But its her butt that you will love, very small because she only weighs around 90lbs!  I chose a pic of Diddylicious on all fours in the shower looking up at the camera expectantly you get a nice view of her small ass in the air.  The other picture shows her with her pants pulled down and her thong in her ass crack as her small butt pops out and she smiles at you knowing you want to finger her! 

This is a tough showdown as both girls have perfect tiny asses and it really comes down to if you want fully nude and variety with Angie or tease Diddy and her personal website.  I know Diddy has a great personality so I claim her as winner but if you like blondes you might vote for Angie and that’s ok too.  Either girls petite tight bodies sport the nicest little butts you can find online! Angie vs Diddylicious

Chelsea is ready for bed

Posted on August 10, 2011 in Topless Teen Model

Chelsea is a vision in her pajamas as she prepares for bed.  Of course she teases the camera first spreading her legs for crotch shot and showing her perfect teen tits.

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Haileys Hideaway teasing

Posted on September 15, 2010 in Nude teen model

Hailey’s Hideaway teasing us in her purple dress (shirt?).  You know she wears this outfit to the clubs to tease all the guys with her big natural boobs bouncing around I bet she doesn’t even wear a bra under there to support those tits!  And it’s so short showing off her long pale teen legs… i’m glad she at least gives us a nice cleavage shot and then bends over to exposer her nice ass in a thong

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Busty blonde showering

Posted on June 22, 2009 in Non Nude Teen Model

Busty blonde teen Pattycake showering!  She is a non nude model but here she gets her white top wet and it becomes sheer letting you see her big pink nipples…  Sexy Pattycake leaves very little to the imagination when it comes to her nude body.

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