Sexy Pattycake

Sexy Pattycake is a natural big boob blonde teen bombshell with her own personal website that she runs.  She has been online for years but still can be considered a non nude model (though there are more and more nipple and pussy slips).  Possibly the most innovative and unique teen models online Pattycake has a huge website with an archive going back a number of years that you can see her evolution.  Unlike most models that are pretty boring Pattycake explores many niches even WAM (wet and messy) where she pours colorful goop on her head!  She has changed here hair color a couple of times and she does a great deal of sets outdoors or in new settings.  And don’t forget her love of playing dressup!  I would hate to see her closet, she has so many different outfits and costumes to keep you interested it is amazing including fantasy, holiday, themed, sexy, and more you have to see to believe. 

Pattycake has an amazing body starting with her sexy blonde hair and perfect playful face (she loves to tease and it shows in her facial expressions).  Her amazing big natural boobs have always been one of her most loved features and she knows how to tease you with them.  Of course when she bends over and flashes her panties you will be overwhelmed with her big white booty, she has thick legs that most models couldn’t pull off but somehow on Pattycake the entire package is sexual perfection!

Sexy Pattycake has been online for years and her archives are huge but unlike most girls Pattycake shows no signs of every quitting and she continually comes up with new and interesting picture and video sets to satisfy you.  My personal favorite non nude teen model Pattycake has a huge following and for good reason.  You need to check out her webcam chats and send her a suggestion, maybe you’ll be the one to finally convince her to get fully nude after all these years!

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Some samples of Pattycake from her early years

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