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Pattycake vs Tegan Brady

Posted on August 29, 2011 in Non Nude Teen Model

It’s a big boob blonde teen showdown featuring Sexy Pattycake vs Tegan Brady!

Tegan Brady is a newer model having only turned 18 very recently but she is a blonde with BIG natural boobs however she is completely non nude still and a bit shy on her website.  Here are two sample pics, the first shows her big tits down shirt cleavage as she bends over smiling for the camera and the second shows a bit more skin with her wearing just a lace black bra and panties along with her belly button ring.  Tegan Brady is usually smiling and her sets are creative wearing various outfits but again she doesn’t get nude or even have ‘slips’ yet, probably because she is only eighteen still!

Sexy Pattycake has been online for quite a long time now but I still consider her ‘teen’.  She too has blonde hair and big natural boobs but I think they are smaller than Tegan Brady’s massive juggs.  Here I selected a fun picture of Pattycake wearing a short skirt pulling up her shirt to expose her tight flawless tummy and a fierce face.  The second pic is more revealing showing her in a cute bra and fishnet pantyhose with her pulling her panties into a camel toe over her pussy.  Sexy Pattycake is more experienced and does have nipple and pussy slips on her website especially in her live webcam shows when she gets really excited.

In my opinion Sexy Pattycake wins this showdown due to her more risque content, larger archive, and more options like live chats and webcam downloads.  However if you like massive natural tits Tegan Brady wins if you only see them in bras and nipples stay hidden.  On the other hand I think Pattycake keeps her body more fit and trim.  Both girls have great personalities and smile for the camera, also they have creative outfits and fun scenerios so I’d call it a tie in those respects.  Now it’s your turn, leave a comment and vote for which big boob blonde teen model is the best Sexy Pattycake or Tegan Brady