Craving Carmen

Posted on October 6, 2011 in Explicit Model

Naked golf girl

I suspect many men crave Carmen, she is a beautiful ‘teenish’ model that has flawless skin and come fuck me smile.  Craving Carmen has her own personal naughty website that is filled with her sexually explicit pictures and videos where she also does live webcam chats too.  Carmen has longer brown/brunette hair, a cute small nose and perfect teeth.  Her small natural boobs are perfectly proprtionate to her petite body frame and her ass is amazing you just want to cup it in your hands!  Of course her perfectly bald pussy is one of the prettiest I’ve ever seen with puffy outer lips that conceal her moist wet pink vagina inside.  Carmen keeps her body in shape so her tummy is flat and her pubic bone creates a sexy mound leading down to her shaved labia.  Be careful if you fuck her that pubis monds might be a bit hard if you get into some hardcore jackhammer sex action 😉

Craving Carmen doesn’t just do boring porn model shoots, she has content from her everyday life and likes to have fun being naughty with the camera and her nudity.  She did a naked shoot on a golf course using the club handle to penetrate her pussy and the golf tee fit neatly between her pussy lips looking like a tiny target for your finger to find.  Nothing hotter than seeing her ass cheeks holding a golf tee with a ball on top as she lays on the green…  If you can’t tell I’m in love with Carmens bald pussy, its so inviting and clean!  Another example of her kinky side there is a shoot with Craving Carmen tied in rope bondage, mouth taped shut with duct tape and jammed into a car trunk so you can imagine kidnapping her for your own pleasure (of course it’s only fantasy!!).  So if you like variety you should visit her site it is full of unique and interesting naked pictures and vidoes.  You can even find some hardcore shots of her sucking cock for facial cumshots and toying her tight bald pussy with toys! 

Craving Carmen is the total package if you like a tight teen body with unique content and live interaction!

Spencer Nicks vs the world

Posted on September 20, 2011 in Non Nude Teen Model

Sexting teen

Spencer Nicks is a brand new teen model that just opened her own personal website and I think this girl is BEAUTIFUL!  Her blonde hair is perfectly styled and her body is to die for.  I mean check out the free samples I snagged of her… Showering the soapy bubbles sliding down her flawless skin looks so damn hot and you know she is clean and ready for some sexy time!  Those natural perky boobs I’d just cuddle up next to and suckle them until she made me stop.  Then there’s the shot of Spencer Nicks dressed up in a slutty schoolgirl uniform with a shiny skirt and white blouse tied showing off her perfectly flat tummy.  Finally you see how dirty she is as she is caught sexting on her cellphone with some dirty pervert that stuns her with his nasty sex thoughts!  Check out Spencer Nicks new website and chat with her live on webcam maybe she’ll do something naughty for you special!


Redhead showdown Bree vs Lara

Posted on September 3, 2011 in Hardcore Model Non Nude Teen Model

Redheads kissing

This showdown is bound to get hot with two fiery redheads Bree Roxx vs Little Lara, which is pale with red hair?

Bree Roxx is a classy looking redhead with long red hair that is a bit darker.  She has a cute smattering of freckles on her face and nose but they aren’t very obvious especially with certain lighting and her skin isn’t the typical pasty pale of a redhead.  Bree is also very petite and taller so if you like a classy chick with long legs and small breasts Bree Roxx could be your fantasy girl.  She doesn’t allow nudity outside of her website so the sample images I found for you are not nude however you get a good idea of how hot this redhead is anyways.  The first picture she is actually naked but covering her breasts with her arm and her pussy is concealed by crumpled panties, still this shows how skinny and tight her body is.  The second pic shows Bree Roxx shooting pool in just her black bra and panties in some high heels which is typical of her shoots starting out classy and ending naked.  This pic also shows her long slim body and her longish red hair. 

Little Lara on the other hand has bright red hair (it might be a dye job) and really pale skin that looks more typical of a redhead hottie.  Lara also has the skinny slim body of a teen with small natural perky tits.  However if you like freckles Lara will disappoint as her skin is very clear and white.  Unlike Bree Roxx Little Lara is a real slut and you see that all over her website from hardcore sex to lesbian makeout scenes Lara likes to explore her redhead sexuality.  Lara also acts more like a teeniebooper rather than the classy lady that Bree Roxx portrays.  For instance the first sample pic I found shows little Lara kissing another redhead girl outdoors!  They are both fully nude with their fingers groping and probing each others shaved pussy slits while their tongues slide around in their mouths.  The second shot shows Little Laras body more fully for you to examine from her smiling braces and long red hair in braids to the tiny tits and slim tummy.  Sorry I didn’t get a full shot of her pussy but don’t worry her site has her completely exposed and even taking cocks in her tight cunt! 

This redhead showdown is a tough one because you don’t want to make a redhead mad, they are crazy!  However it should be easy to pick between these two hotties.  If you like a classier redhead with freckles and no hardcore then Bree Roxx will satisfy you.  However if you want a teenie redhead that fucks, sucks and eats pussy then you probably want Little Lara though remember she might not be a natural redhead she sure does act like a sex starved red hair slut!


Big boobs Bryci vs Janessa Brazil

Posted on September 2, 2011 in Explicit Model Nude teen model

Janessa Boobs

Bryci vs Janessa Brazil is a big boob showdown for the ages!  Both babes have breast implants so if you don’t like fake boobs and prefer naturals I suggest Pattycake vs Tegan Brady otherwise lets get comparing these two big titty beauties!

Bryci is a big boob black hair babe that keeps her nudity under wraps only showing topless outside her personal website so if you want to see her naked pussy you have to visit her site.  Other than that this babe got big fake tits a few years ago and set about showing them off like crazy.  Bryci site is pretty tasteful and artistic with lots of nice outdoor shoots and classy outfits.  She does experiment a big with lesbian fantasies and kinky costumes but mostly you realize she is a classy babe despite her big fake tits she is a hottie you can take home to mom.  Her site has HD pics and vids and she does regular live webcam chats with her members which keeps it interesting.  She recently cut her hair short but before it was pretty long and dark black. The first shot shows Bryci pulling down an evening gown dress to expose her big fake boobies as she smiles for the camera in a tasteful pic.  The second shot Bryci still looks like a cover model but she is in a hottub with her red bikini pulled to the side again showing off her nice tits and her legs are spread but her pussy is underwater so you don’t get a peek unless you visit her site where she does get fully nude!

Janessa Brazil is a typical big tit busty Brazilian babe that will tease and please your fantasies. Janessa really loves modeling and so she got big fake boobies to enhance her carreer and I can say it has been a good move as the titties offset her big Brazilian ass!  Janessa is a bit more of a slut than Bryci, for instance she loves girls and has many more lesbian scenes including full on strapon sex with other famous porn girls.  Janessa travels quite a bit so her shoots are usually in unique locations and with kinky or sexy outfits.  Janessa Brazils site is also filled with HD content including pics and vids as well as MANY live webcam chats and even candid selfshots.  The first sample of Janessa Brazil shows her flashing her big fake boobs in pigtails and white panties.  It is a good example of her playful attitude and her physically fit tan body.  The second picture shows Janessa Brazil with a blonde babe exploring her pussy in a good example of her lesbian content which gets much more hardcore.

This is a tough showdown with both babes having dark hair and big fake tits with great smiles.  If you want a bit of a classy model and prefer whiter skin then Bryci is probably the choose for you.  However if you want more kinky content, darker skin or a big Brazilian butt then Janessa Brazil might be more your sexual style.  Both girls have great sites with interaction with members and creative control so that is a tie in my opinion.  It really comes down to style and I think most guys would prefer a little more hardcore and kink in their porn so I’ll vote Janessa Brazil winner with Bryci a high quality babe second.


Angie vs Diddylicious

Posted on September 1, 2011 in Nude teen model

Diddys small butt

Tiny ass vs little butt showdown here with Super Cutie Angie vs Diddylicious showing off their rear ends!  If you like petite girls with tiny asses you can cup in the palm of your hand then both of these girls are winners for you!  Super Cutie Angie is a skinny blonde nude teen model and Diddylicious is a freckled tiny brunette tease.

Super Cutie Angie is featuredon  Total Super Cuties so there are tons of other girls to enjoy but don’t worry there is enough of Angie to keep you occupied all by herself.  This sexy blonde teen gets fully nude and spreads her legs to show you her secret place.  I fell in love with her tight little teen ass as she bends over outdoors and the sunlight lights up her backside you will too.  I chose one shot that shows her on all fours in the sand at the beach completely nude with her butt facing the camera exposing her most intimate crack and holes.  Her brown poopshoot looks tasty and that tiny ass is probably wiggling in the cool ocean wind!  The second shot shows her bending over completely wearing neon yellow panties that encase her tushy as you see her face and small tits upside down.  Her legs aren’t very long but they are thin and probably feel great wrapped around you…

Diddylicious has had a website for years now and it is full of quality pictures and videos of this tiny teen girl and her cute ass.  She did get fake boobs recently so her most recent content she is busty but before that she had the cutest tiny titties that she would keep hidden most of the time.  But its her butt that you will love, very small because she only weighs around 90lbs!  I chose a pic of Diddylicious on all fours in the shower looking up at the camera expectantly you get a nice view of her small ass in the air.  The other picture shows her with her pants pulled down and her thong in her ass crack as her small butt pops out and she smiles at you knowing you want to finger her! 

This is a tough showdown as both girls have perfect tiny asses and it really comes down to if you want fully nude and variety with Angie or tease Diddy and her personal website.  I know Diddy has a great personality so I claim her as winner but if you like blondes you might vote for Angie and that’s ok too.  Either girls petite tight bodies sport the nicest little butts you can find online! Angie vs Diddylicious


Rebel vs Rebel

Posted on August 31, 2011 in Explicit Model Hardcore Model


This showdown is two rebel girls which is hotter and more of a rebel?  Dawn Avril or Ariel Rebel?

Dawn Avril is a real alternative chick with multiple peircings, ever changing hair colors and a dirty sex filled mind.  She shoots with Phil-Flash a notoriously dirty photographer and he takes it to the limit even fucking and degrading Dawn Avril.  Dawn is very involved in her website and it gets updated all the time with new kinky material as she explores her sexuality.  She recently got fake tits installed so if you like big fake boobs on a petite frame then Dawn might be your vote.  Her natural hair color is dark but she dyes and highlights it regularly keeping you interested.  She goes from simple nude to dirty hardcore sex with phil and lesbian sex with other hot models too.  Here I found a picture of her squatting with her legs spread and panties pulled tight over her pussy with her shirt pulled up and her nipples poking out.  I think this is before her fake tits so you get to see her natural smaller boobies.  She usually wears kinky alt/goth type clothes like this too.  In the next shot you see Dawn Avril with her mouth open getting a nice cumshot down her throat, I bet a blowjob from this slut would be great!

Ariel Rebel is a Canadian cutie with a rebellious streak that involves her eyebrow peircing and possibly other peircings…  Ariel is a petite teen with a sly smile that makes you know she has dirty thoughts too.  Her dark brunette hair is usually styled sometimes in emo style.  She has natural small perky tits and a very pretty pussy that she will flash for you.  This hottie is not just a pretty face as she runs her own website, does design work and fashion too.  Here I selected a pic of her pulling her shirt aside to expose one of her suckable titties and her face says that’s exactly what she was thinking too!  The other picture she is pulling her pantyhose down exposing her pussy slit and spreading it so you can glimpse her clitoris too.  She is a bit more of a vanila rebel, one you could probably take home to mom!

If you want hardcore and alt style then Dawn Avril wins this showdown but if you want a cute rebel that might be a freak in the sheets then Ariel Rebel is the clear winner.  This depends on how much of a rebel you can handle but both websites are regular updated and filled with great content so I would check them both out!


Ava Knight outdoors

Posted on August 30, 2011 in Explicit Model

Teen girl Ava Knight is outdoors wearing a tight red tank top and jacket.


Pattycake vs Tegan Brady

Posted on August 29, 2011 in Non Nude Teen Model

Bra and fishnets

It’s a big boob blonde teen showdown featuring Sexy Pattycake vs Tegan Brady!

Tegan Brady is a newer model having only turned 18 very recently but she is a blonde with BIG natural boobs however she is completely non nude still and a bit shy on her website.  Here are two sample pics, the first shows her big tits down shirt cleavage as she bends over smiling for the camera and the second shows a bit more skin with her wearing just a lace black bra and panties along with her belly button ring.  Tegan Brady is usually smiling and her sets are creative wearing various outfits but again she doesn’t get nude or even have ‘slips’ yet, probably because she is only eighteen still!

Sexy Pattycake has been online for quite a long time now but I still consider her ‘teen’.  She too has blonde hair and big natural boobs but I think they are smaller than Tegan Brady’s massive juggs.  Here I selected a fun picture of Pattycake wearing a short skirt pulling up her shirt to expose her tight flawless tummy and a fierce face.  The second pic is more revealing showing her in a cute bra and fishnet pantyhose with her pulling her panties into a camel toe over her pussy.  Sexy Pattycake is more experienced and does have nipple and pussy slips on her website especially in her live webcam shows when she gets really excited.

In my opinion Sexy Pattycake wins this showdown due to her more risque content, larger archive, and more options like live chats and webcam downloads.  However if you like massive natural tits Tegan Brady wins if you only see them in bras and nipples stay hidden.  On the other hand I think Pattycake keeps her body more fit and trim.  Both girls have great personalities and smile for the camera, also they have creative outfits and fun scenerios so I’d call it a tie in those respects.  Now it’s your turn, leave a comment and vote for which big boob blonde teen model is the best Sexy Pattycake or Tegan Brady


Nikki Price BJ

Posted on August 28, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Skinny amateur teen girl Nikki Price calls her new fuck buddy over for an afternoon of sexual pleasure.  She pulls his cock out as he walks in the door and proceeds to stroke and suck him.  Her blowjob ends with a cumshot on her cute face.

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Busty girl cleaning nude

Posted on August 26, 2011 in Nude teen model

Big boob model Bryci gets paid more if she cleans the house while she is nude so here she is stripping nude showing her busty tits while she scrubs the floors and then strips nude for an extra tip.

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Pattycake ready to play ball

Posted on August 24, 2011 in Non Nude Teen Model

Sexy teen model Pattycake is ready to play with some balls, softballs!  She’s got her pink helmet on and a bat in hand ready to swing that wood… Of course she realizes you are here to see her body too so she pulls her top off and slides her pants down revealing her undies.

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Blonde teen nude

Posted on August 22, 2011 in Nude teen model

Blonde teen girl Kimi strips nude in these pics.  She starts out in a winter jacket and some panties but quickly opens the jacket exposing her pert teen tits and removes her panties showing her nice ass.kimi nude


Kari Sweets pussy

Posted on August 20, 2011 in Non Nude Teen Model

Kari Sweets is a non nude teen model but here we can almost see her pussy, at least we finally get a shot of her pubic hair sculpted into a neat landing strip pointing to her pink pussy we all want to see.  Hopefully soon Kari Sweets will get even more naughty and actually show us her nude pussy but for now enjoy these first ever pics of her pubes!

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Nikki Price gives BJ for cum

Posted on August 18, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Nikki Price is a horny amateur teen girl that loves cocks and cum.  Here she is bored in her bedroom until her favorite cock shows up and she gets to work sucking and stroking until she gets a load of cum on her face!

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Blonde babe tease

Posted on August 12, 2011 in Nude teen model

Busty blonde blue eye babe Kali is teasing us in her bedroom.  Wearing a lacey red teddy she flashes her big titties and smiles for the camera in these free pics.

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Chelsea is ready for bed

Posted on August 10, 2011 in Topless Teen Model

Chelsea is a vision in her pajamas as she prepares for bed.  Of course she teases the camera first spreading her legs for crotch shot and showing her perfect teen tits.

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Sexy Pattycake flashing on cam

Posted on August 6, 2011 in Non Nude Teen Model

Busty blonde teen model Sexy Pattycake does regular live cam chats with her members and I managed to snag a few shots of her in a cute black dress as she flashed her panties and spread her legs.

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Blonde teen lesbians

Posted on August 2, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Lil Lexy and her skinny blonde teen girlfriend could be twins with their hair in braided pigtails and their perky boobs but they aren’t twins, just two really horny teen girls that love to makeout and lick pussy!

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Thai schoolgirl in suitcase

Posted on July 31, 2011 in Hardcore Model

Tiny asian teen model Thainee is dressed in her schoolgirl uniform and hiding in a suitcase, I guess she doesn’t want to go to school but if she keeps hiding I think she will get her tiny ass spanked…  This Thai teen girl is so small she fits right inside the luggage, good thing she is wearing a short skirt to let her bend her body!

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Skinny punk rocker teens

Posted on July 29, 2011 in Non Nude Teen Model

Two skinny punk rocker teen girls playing around seeing if they enjoy the lesbian lifestyle.  Brittany Avalon always struck me as a possible lesbian with her short hair and alternative style but I guess we’ll have to wait and see if she ever turns into a full lesbo!

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